Churro Love

6:25 AM

With the weather getter cooler, it's the perfect time to incorporate a warm dessert into your upcoming wedding reception or event.  Churros are a great option!  They're strips of fried dough seasoned with cinnamon and sugar.  Very common in Latin American countries, churros would make a fabulous addition to themed weddings and/or special events.

Check out four ways to serve churros at your special event and the happy couples who served them at their receptions.

Action Station

Tray Passed



Churro Fun!

Images: 1- Skye Snyder  2- Jet Fete  3- Oh Happy Day  4- Mowielicious  5- Destination Wedding Magazine  6- Hilton Head Island  7- Jen Caputo  8- The Manor House Bride

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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