Ethnic Wedding Foods

7:50 AM

One of the trends I predicted for this year, is more brides serving ethnic foods at their weddings.  More and more couples are incorporating ethnic foods into their reception menus.  It's a great way to display the bride and/or groom's heritage, acknowledge the couple's past trips, and/or welcome faraway guests. 

One thing to note is that if your wedding guests are not of the same cultural background as you and/or your fiancé, then it's probably best not to offer all ethic cuisine.  It can be intimidating to some guests.




Images: 1- DIY Network 2- Delish 3- A Practical Wedding  4- A Touch of Luxe 5- Inku Photo  6- The Age 7- David Wedding Photography 8- Belle & Chic  9- Forever More Events  10- Katie Wilson Photography 

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Happy Planning & God Bless!

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