Family First

5:50 AM

Family style service is one of many dining styles.  I love the idea of family style service, but I understand that everyone may not.  So today, I'm going to discuss the pros and cons of family style service.


-Family style service is great for intimate, relaxed gatherings.  It forces guests to interact with each other and be social.
-This type of service works particularly well with rectangular/square tables.
-You don't have to wait in a buffet line.
-Guests can eat as much as they want.
-Every table receives their food at the same time.
-Food presentation options are limitless.


-Family style service is truly not appropriate for formal wedding receptions.
-You have to ensure your tables are large enough to accomodate place settings and platters.  You probably will not be able to use round tables.
-It is difficult for the chef/caterer to control portions because guests are helping themselves.  This means it can be more expensive than other dining styles.
-Platters can be too heavy for some guests (elderly, children, etc)

Below are some beautiful images of wedding family style dining options.  Is family style dining something you would want for your upcoming wedding or event?

Images:  1, 2- Pure Joy Catering 3- Savoury Chef 4- Heather Kincaid

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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