5 Incredible Rehearsal Dinner Options

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Rehearsal dinners are held after the wedding rehearsal.  They can be as formal or informal as you would like.  The rule of thumb is that the formality of your rehearsal dinner should be the opposite of your wedding meal.  For instance, if you're having a super formal five course plated meal, your rehearsal dinner should be casual.

So today I'm sharing five incredible ideas for rehearsal dinners and which bridal party they suit best.

1. May I Take Your Order?  Take everyone to a restaurant.  This is a very common practice.  Most restaurants have private dining rooms, and those that do not can still accommodate a typical wedding party (30-35 guests.)   Be sure to make reservations and keep in mind gratuity will be added to your bill.

Works Best For: Bridal parties where everyone doesn't know each other.  The relaxed atmosphere is perfect for everyone to be introduced to each other.

2. Perfect Pair Take everyone bowling.  This is a great way to end the evening!  Your wedding party can eat nachos and burgers or if you decide to go to an upscale bowling alley bistro sandwiches and specialty appetizers are available. 

Works Best For: Bridal parties where everyone already knows each other.

3. Rock the Boat- Have the rehearsal dinner on a boat as a dinner cruise.  The type of food served could definitely vary.

Works Best For: Bridal parties where most to all members are married.  It would be a fun, relaxing, romantic night for everyone.

4. I Want My Baby Back...Ribs Have a picnic or barbecue in a local park for your rehearsal dinner. 

Works Best For: Bridal parties with several children or bridal parties where most members have children.  Not only will you have food children love, but there will be entertainment for children in the form of swings, slides, and sandboxes.

5.  Keep on Truckin'  Host a game (softball, football, basketball, kickball, etc.) and then have a food truck available afterwards.  Playing sports always works up an appetite and food trucks can satisfy it.  There are so many to choose from!  For more information on food trucks check out this post: Meals on Wheels.

Works Best For: Bridal parties with competitive families and friends. (friendly competition)

Images: 1-  Bibiana  2- Melissa & Beth 3- Justin Element Photography  4- The Knot  5- OneWed 

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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