Cream Sodas Galore!

10:45 AM

Recently I discovered Dunford's Sweet Cream Soda Pop.  It's a husband and wife team that concocts creamy sodas for special events.  They are incredibly adorable and have a ton of flavors to choose from.  Typically customers pick three flavors but after looking at their selections I couldn't choose just three. 

Not only that, the prices are affordable.  For three hours clients receive set up, clean up, two servers, plastic cups, paper straws, and napkins in any color.  I wish they were in my area!  Would you ever incorporate something like this into your wedding or special event?

Dunford's Sweet Cream Soda Pop: slideshow image 4
Dunford's Sweet Cream Soda Pop: slideshow image 6

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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