Sorbet Is Totally OK

8:25 AM

I love sorbet and summer is the perfect time to introduce it people who've never had it before.  If you're having a summer wedding or party, serve sorbet as a simple dessert.  It's light, refreshing, and healthier than ice cream, gelato, and yogurt.  It can also compliment wedding cake very well.

There are so many ways to serve the delicious treat: martini glasses, cones, shaped with molds, inside food containers, with alcohol in them, etc.

TIP: Don't just serve sorbet in the summer as a dessert!  In fact, sorbet is traditionally served right before the entree.  Sorbets are intended to cleanse the palate.  So if you want to include sorbet, but not as dessert, serve it right before your entree.  Your guests are sure to love it either way!  Want more sorbet info?  Check out this post: You Scream Ice Cream, I Say Sorbet


(via Frutti di bosco gelato)

Images: 1- Cutest Food  2- Divine Party Concepts  3- Diane Freedom 4- Martha Stewart  5- Delish  6- Vintage Rose Garden 7- The Cinderella Project 8- Martha Stewart  9- My Inspired Wedding 10- Lovely Things

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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