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When you are interviewing caterers, there are some pertinent questions you should ask.  Take a look at a few below.

1. How many staff members will I need at my event?

The number of staff members you need at your event will vary greatly depending on your venue, menu, style of service, and the flow of your event.

2. What rentals are included in your price estimate?

Different companies include different rentals in their basic estimate.  Often times linens, tray jacks, china, and glassware are an additional charge.  It's important to understand what is included in your estimate.

3. Where is the food made?

All catering companies have different processes and standards for preparing their food. Make sure to ask where the food for your event will be made. The capabilities will change based on the location of your event.  More than likely your caterer will try to prep as much food as possible the day before your wedding.

4. How long are your food areas open?

Catering companies keep their food stations open for varied amounts of time- is it by the hour? By quantity? The full length of your event? Be sure to follow-up on this question to ensure your vision is executed.

5. Does this company have the tools to execute your vision?

Do you want a specialty food? Decor? A full-service company? A food-only company? What kind of experience do they have in doing the type of event you’re looking for? Make sure to know what your vision is before you pick up the phone so you know what to ask for.

6. What will the waitstaff wear?

The clothes of the waitstaff is important.  Does their uniform match the vision you have for your wedding?  We briefly discussed this topic here.

7. Do you serve alcohol?

If you would like to have alcohol, you will need to know if your caterer serves alcohol.  Are they licensed to serve alcohol?  Do they have a corkage fee?  Do they provide bartenders?  Can you provide your own alcohol and they serve it?

8.  Is there a fee for the tasting?

Some catering companies require a fee for the tasting and then once you sign a contract subtract the total of the tasting fee from your balance.

9. Are you able to accomodate different dietary restrictions?

There are numerous dietary restrictions.  If you or your guests have some, knowing that the caterer can accomodate them will be helpful.  Take a look at the most common dietary restrictions here.  There are even food allergy cards that caterers can utilize here.

10. Is there a price difference for children's and/or vendor's meals?

Children don't want steak and vendors don't have to have it.  Can the caterer provide a kid friendly option?  Can they provide a less expensive, portable meal for your vendors?  We discussed feeding your vendors here.

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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