FAQs- Should I Feed My Vendors?

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I've actually never been asked this question by a client, however I did have a conservation with a photographer about this very subject.  She was upset that the couple did not want to provide a courtesy meal at their wedding.  A lot of couples neglect to include vendor meals.  I believe most times it's an oversight.  The couples are so focused on providing food to their guests, they don't realize the importance of feeding their vendors.  Because of this oversight, many vendors are beginning to include clauses in their contract that require some sort of food at the wedding.

I believe vendors who are scheduled to work 6 hours or longer should have a meal provided for them.  Those vendors typically include the wedding planner, the dj/band, photographer and/or videographer.  These people are tired and need to recharge and the best time for your vendors to eat is when your guests eat.  Take a look at some options for your wedding vendors.   

Options for Vendor Meals

Boxed Lunches- Less Expensive, Can be taken on the go, Convenient

Wedding Meal- Same Price as the other meals

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Happy Planning & God Bless!

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