Southern Wedding Menu- Georgia

8:35 AM

I love Southern food! So I decided to compose Southern menus for each state. Brides and grooms can get menu inspiration for what to serve at their weddings. These menus are based on state foods and/or foods that originated in each state. Today Georgia is on my mind. Enjoy!


First Course

Fried Macaroni & Cheese


Shrimp & Grits


Peanut Brittle

Signature Drinks

Coca Cola

Why these items? Grits are the state prepared food and peanuts are the state crop. Not only that, Coca Cola originated in Georgia.

Fried Macaroni

1- Tiny Urban Kitchen 2-The Cheesecake Factory 3-My Recipes 4- Le Toile 5- Caulder Clark 6- Caplan Miller 7- RP Scissors

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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