Wedding Cake 5 Ways

9:20 AM

Wedding cake is one of those things that is almost expected at weddings. However, there are several different ways to serve the sweet treat. You're sure to love these five variations.

1. Traditional Tiered Cakes
The largest canvas a baker has to work with, a traditional tiered cake will always be a great option for weddings.
2. Mini Cakes
If you want to splurge or if you're having an intimate reception, serve mini wedding cakes to each guest. Make it even more interesting by serving a variety of designs like below.
3. Cake Pops
They're perfect for couples having a dessert table. Cake pops can be created in a variety of flavors and colors. They're also the perfect size for kids.
4. Cupcakes
They're great on dessert tables or on their own stands; cupcakes are a wonderful option for weddings. Think cupcakes are boring and played out? Create a cupcake station where guests can add toppings such as fresh berries, sprinkles, and/or syrups.
5. Cake Push Pops
A fairly new trend are cake push pops. Guests are sure to love the creative new way to eat wedding cake.
Happy Planning & God Bless!

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