That Costs How Much?

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Ever wonder why macarons cost so much? In the December issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray, food editors tell us why.

1. Aged Eggs- Cracked egg whites (used to make the shell) age up to five days in the refrigerator before they're mixed in so they whip up into airier cookies

2. Perfect Pulverization- The dry ingredients must be refined several times. The sugar and almond meal are further ground and passed through a sieve to ensure the softest smoothest shells.

3. Systematic Stirring- Mixing the meringue with the dry ingredients is a balancing act. If you understir, you risk cookies with spikes or peaks; overstirring may make them flat. Chefs say five minutes of folding by hand is ideal.

4. Rounds of Waiting- After aging the eggs, timing the steps and plowing through the a piping marathon, many bakers watch the clock before putting the cookie sheets in the oven. A 15-30 minute resting time helps achieve the signature "foot" around the innner rim.

5. Precise Piping- Even the slightest slant of the pastry bag could cause the chefs to create inconsistent circles- and two mismatched halves.

Those five reasons explain why macarons cost so much, however those reasons don't even include the filling. Essentially it takes a lot of skill to make macarons, thus the reason for the cost.

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