Tis the Season

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Last year, Shauna Younge and Maddy Hague shared this DIY project. They're rock candy Christmas trees and the instructions are listed below. These trees could be beautiful decorations on a dessert table or centerpieces at a candy themed event such as the one we featured here.

{by Shauna Younge & Maddy Hague}

– floral cone forms in varying heights
– rock candy crystals in three or more colors
– hot glue
– solid text weight paper in your lightest hue
– spray adhesive
– cookie sheet.

With the cookie sheet turned horizontally, pour your rock candy across the surface in a long line. The darkest color of rock candy should be at the bottom of the cookie sheet. The row of candy above your first should be slightly lighter than and flush with the previous row. Repeat this process, ending with the lightest shade of candy on the top row. Set aside..

Turn the paper to a landscape orientation and wrap around each cone. Slightly overlap the paper in the back of the cone and secure using hot glue. Do not apply hot glue directly to the cone, it will melt. Trim excess paper at the bottom of the cone. You may need two sheets of paper to cover each cone. If so, overlap the two sheets slightly to avoid a gap of Styrofoam peeking through..

Working quickly, spray the cone with the spray adhesive, and roll it through the rock candy to completely cover it with gradients of sugary color. Allow cone to dry before re-spraying or re-rolling. You can also use hot glue to fill in any empty spots.

Image: Somewhere Splendid
Happy Planning & God Bless!

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