Watch it Wiggle, See it Jiggle

10:32 AM

Jello is a fun and economical way to serve alcohol at your upcoming wedding or special event. Think of a classy version of a jello shot or an adult version of Jello Jigglers. They can be customized to whatever color, flavor, or size you want. And of course if you want to serve the jello without alcohol you can. The jello would fit beautifully on a dessert table. Take a look at the amazing photographs below for inspiration.

Images: 1- Unknown 2-Beau-Coup 3- Baker's Royale 4- Annie Eats 5- Food Librarian 6,7- Unknown 8- Jelly Shot Test Kitchen 9- Unknown 10- Food Librarian 11- Eat a Duck I Must

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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