FAQs- What to Serve?

8:05 AM

I'm often asked by clients "What should we serve?" to which I answer "I don't know." Only you and your fiance(e) truly know what you want to serve at your wedding. I can only offer suggestions.

Below are a few questions to help you narrow down what you like and want to serve for your big day. Need more helpful advice? Check out this post: What's on the Menu?

When are you getting married?

The time of day and time of year are super important in deciding what to serve.

Time of year: Summer weddings are the perfect time to incorporate fresh fruits into your menu. The winter isn't and if you do it's going to cost you.

Time of day: The food you would serve at an early brunch reception is completely different from the food you would serve at an evening one.

What's your style?

Do you love Southern food? What about Asian, Latin, or Southwestern? Display your eclectic tastebuds by offering your favorite types of food.

What's your budget?

Perhaps one of the most important questions, since most of your wedding budget will be dedicated to food. It's imperative that you know how much you're able to spend. Don't have a huge budget? Don't worry! Great food doesn't have to break the bank.

Where are you getting married?

The atomosphere of the venue can definitely affect the type of food served. For instance, the food served at a backyard wedding will differ from the food served at a modern, sleek museum.

What are you and your fiance(e)'s favorite restaurants?

A list of your favorite restuarants will give your caterer an idea of the type of foods you enjoy. For example, I love The Cazbah, a local tapas restaurant, so my wedding menu would feature a lot of variety and sophisticated items.

Who are your guests?

If you're serving a lot of children, your menu will need to accomodate them. Likewise, if you're serving a lot of ederly guests, you'll need to keep that in mind when creating a menu.

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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