Apron Adventures Engagement Shoot

9:35 AM

Today's engagement shoot is from Trish Finfer Photography. It's full of super cute details that you're sure to love. The bride has a blog called Apron Adventures and works at the Whole Foods Market, which is where their engagement shoot took place. The groom has his own company brewing beer, so it's only logical that the two share a love and interest in food and drinks.

Here's what the photographer had to say about this wonderful couple:
After some thought, the best way to describe Lindsay and Luke in person is ‘joyous’. The love these two have for each other is infectious – they smiled and laughed the whole time and were just at home being with each other if that makes any sense. I love that kind of love, and it’s exactly what makes me so proud to be able to do what I do. Oh wow – am I getting too sappy? I guess that means it’s time for some photos. Lindsay & Luke – it was absolutely my pleasure to spend the afternoon with you. Thank you for being so wonderful!

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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