Stationed Near the Sweets

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Typically, stations are used to serve appetizers or entrees. Now, more and more stations are being created for desserts. I don't mean dessert tables, because those aren't truly stations, they're displays. I've compiled a list of the 7 hottest dessert stations. Be sure to let me know what you think and if you would ever include one of them in your wedding or special event.

1. S'mores

This gorgeous s'mores station is super easy to create and your guests will love it! Want more ideas on s'mores? Check out this post: May I Have S'more Please?

2. Pound Cake

Cubes of pound cake, diced fresh fruit, and skewers are provided for guests to create their own cake kebabs. This station would be great for a summer wedding while most of the fruits are in season. Provide yogurt dips, chocolate sauces, honey, and whipped cream to accompany the skewers.

3. Parfait

A variety of yogurts, granola, and fruits are a great combination for brunch receptions.

4. Sundaes

This wedding featured an ice cream station from Coldstone Creamery.

5. Gelato

Judging from the photos, this Atlanta couple thoroughly enjoyed their gelato station.

6. Crepes

Crepes can be filled with a variety of fruits and topped with whipped cream and/or a fruit coulis. Guests will love watching the crepes being made in front of them.

7. Bananas Foster

A delicious dessert with a huge appeal. It's easy and quick to prepare and provides a show for guests to watch while waiting for their dessert. The fragrance of the room will be divine.

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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