The Foodie Registry

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The Foodie Registry is a new way to give gifts to engaged couples. The program is set up as a way for guests to give restuarant gift certificates as wedding presents. This registry combines two great concepts- food and gifts. It's perfect for the couples who already have kitchen supplies or the foodies in your life. Give the gift of good taste.

As of right now, the Foodie Registry is only available in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Denver. They even have an option where your friends and family can make charitable contributions to local food banks and shelters. Find out how this registry works below.

How it Works- Couples:
1.Create Your Registry. You’ll create a login and password so you can check on your registry in the future and make changes at your discretion. You’ll also enter a mailing address in case guests want to ship their gift directly to you.
2.Customize Your Registry. This is the landing page your guests see when they find your registry. You can upload a picture and add a personalized welcome message to thank them for thinking of you or just explain your love of good food.
3.Pick your restaurants! This is the fun part. You can search by neighborhood, cuisine, or just search by name. Then, check out prospective restaurant profiles to help you make your selections. You can have as many restaurants on your registry as you like and you get to select the maximum amount you would like from each.
4.Spread the word! Let your friends and family know that you registered at so that they can start giving you “the gift of good tastes”. Bon Appétit!

How It Works- Guests
1.Find a Registry. Look up the person or people whose registry you’re trying to find by using the Registry Search.
2.Buy a Gift. Pick a restaurant from their registry, and buy a gift certificate for them right from our site. You can have it sent to your friends directly or to any address you wish. Please note the purchase must go through this site (and not the restaurant’s website for example) to be properly accounted for on their registry.
3.It's that Easy! Revel in the knowledge that you got your loved one something they really wanted in all of five minutes.

Is this a registry that you would ever consider for yourself? I know I would if it were in my area.

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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