Midnight Snacks

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After dinner snacks AKA late night snacks are an awesome way to keep the reception going. Not only can couples choose their favorite snacks to serve, it's another way to incorporate their personalities into the wedding day. The snacks can also be considered wedding favors- if packaged to go. Today, we're featuring amazing items that you can serve towards the end of your reception and helpful tips to make the service run smoothly.

Ideas- What to Serve: Cotton Candy, Milk & Cookies, Burgers & Fries, Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Shots, Hot Dogs, Chicken & Waffles, Patty Melts, Popcorn, Tacos, Calzones, Cheese Bites, Corndogs, Boneless Wings, Pigs in a Blanket, Chicken/Steak/Sausage Biscuits, Pancake Dogs with Sausage inside


1. Bigger is not always better. Towards the end of the night, it's best to serve smaller portions. Your guests have already eaten a ton of fabulous food, so they don't need stuff themselves with more. This will help eliminate waste and help save you money. Whatever you serve should be light in weight and size. Guests should be able to eat the items in two to three bites. Think of it this way: after a night out with friends, what would you eat? Serve that, but in smaller portions.

2. Keep it simple. Don't serve super fancy food towards the end of the night. Sure, it's ok to add some pizzazz, but don't go overboard. For instance, if you want to serve mini hot dogs with chipotle ketchup or ceasar coleslaw that's wonderful! The variations in toppings is a great change from the traditional ones, however serving a specialty bratwurst hotdog filled with a variety of cheeses may not be the best option.

3. Count on it. By this point in the reception, a lot of guests will have already left for the evening. So don't order as much food from your caterer as you did previously. Order at least 50% less. No matter what type of dinner service you had, your caterer provided enough for your expected guest count. Therefore, they will be able to provide enough food for your late night guest count. Estimating how many guests will still be around late in the evening can be tricky, so ordering half as much food should work for you.

4. Top 3 winners. Serve only your top three favorite snacks. Of course, you can just serve one snack, however you shouldn't choose more than three.

5. The clock is ticking. Serve your snacks 45 minutes to an hour before your reception will end. If your reception is scheduled to end at midnight, serve your snacks between the times of 11 pm and 11:15 pm. This will give the catering staff ample time to serve your guests and for your guests to eat, dance, and find their shoes.

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Would you consider having a late night reception and serving snacks?

Happy Planningn & God Bless!

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