Let Them Eat Cake!

10:45 AM

Cutting the cake is one of the best moments of the reception. Today we're going to discuss how one of the greatest moments can turn into a disaster without proper planning. Our easy solutions will have you on track to one of the most amazing moments ever!

Problem #1: It's time to cut the cake, but there are no utensils!

Solved: If you're having a hotel reception, speak with your catering manager to ensure these items are available. Hotel receptions are the least likely to have this problem because of the number of weddings produced each week. If you're having a caterer cut your cake, ask to see if cake cutting utensils are provided. Typically they are, but if they're not you can easily rent or purchase them. Purchasing the items may not be the wisest choice, if you don't plan on ever using them again.

Problem #2: Everyone keeps bumping into the table!

Solved: Your cake table should be out of "the zones." It should not be in close proximity to entrances, the dance floor, or the bar. These are high traffic areas and it's very easy for guests to accidentally bump into the table. Also make sure that the tablecloth on the cake table is tucked under the table so that no one falls.

Problem #3: Our caterer served the top tier and we wanted to save it!

Solved: Speak with your caterer or catering manager about preserving the top tier of the cake. You should always include arrangements like this in the contract, to avoid confusion. Usually they can provide a box for you, but if they don't ask your baker for one.

Problem #4: We're ready to toast and our glasses are missing!

Solved: This problem and solution are very similar to the first. Refer to solution #1.

Problem #5: We let a friend cut the cake and we ran out before everyone had a slice!

Solved: Don't let someone who is not familar with cake cutting slice your wedding cake. When you give your guest count to your baker, they determine what size cake can accomodate your needs. Someone who is inexperienced will typically start off cutting larger pieces and end up slicing smaller and smaller. To avoid this predicament, ask your caterer to slice the cake. If that's not feasible (although it should be) ask your baker to make tiny indentions or place edible decor where each slice should begin.

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Happy Planning & God Bless!

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