You Scream Ice Cream, I Say Sorbet

2:51 PM

A sorbet is a mixture of sugar, water, and fruit juice.  It can also include wine, liqueurs, and other flavorings.  Sorbets are often served between meals and their purpose is to cleanse the palate.  Because of their refreshing and often times sweet taste, they can be served after meals as a light dessert.  How they're served and when is up to you, but I guarantee once you taste one, you'll want another. 

My favorite in this collection?  Number 2 by Martha Stewart (of course)- Sorbet in the shape of wedding cake- love it!

Citrus Sorbet

Blueberry sorbet

Images: 1- Chef Cali; 2, 3- Martha Stewart; 4- My Recipes 5- Gourmet Recipes; 6- Zested; 7- Scoop Adventures

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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