Dress It Up!

8:22 AM

If you plan on serving a salad course at your wedding or next special event, dress it up with a new kind of dressing. In culinary school, you're taught to provide at least three options for salad dressings: creamy, vinagrette, and low fat. The reason for that is simple. Everyone is different and likes different things, therefore you should have at least one salad dressing from each of those categories to offer.

Typically, at larger events such as weddings where there is a plated meal, there is only one type of salad dressing used. Of course, guests can ask what other options are available, but a variety of salad dressings are not provided to eliminate confusion and to stay on schedule. On the other hand, buffets usually provide three or more dressings and there is something from all the categories mentioned above. No matter, what type of dining service you decide to have for your wedding, your caterer can provide you with a delicious salad dressing you're sure to love.

Below are a few of the most popular dressings as well as some other great options to try. Give your choices to your caterer or whip up one of these dressings yourself for small events at home.

Creamy: Ranch, Caesar, Green Goddess, French, Thousand Island, Honey Mustard, Blue Cheese, Chipotle Buttermilk

Vinagrette: Balsamic, Italian, Raspberry, Poppyseed, Sesame Ginger, Apple Cider, Honey Lime, Spicy Peanut

Low Fat: Can be any of the above with reduced or low fat products

Don't forget to comment on the salad dressing at your tasting. For great advice on what to do before and during your tasting, click here.

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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