Winery Engagement Session

5:06 AM

This engagement session was located at the Chateau Elan Winery in Atlanta, Georgia and was taken by one of my favorite photographers, Ross Oscar Knight.  Below are Knight's words about the session.

 I have dubbed Julio and Toni, "The Cooking Couple." During our first meeting I asked Toni what she and Julio enjoyed doing in their spare time. I was delighted to hear that they both love to cook. My first thought...can I visit for dinner?

My second thought...let's make a cooking activity the center of the engagement session. Since the wedding is going to be at Chateau Elan we decided to use the food studio there as the location. I was hypnotized by the smell of fresh ingredients and the sizzle of the butter so much so that I fell into one of the candles. Yikes!! I didn't get a chance to taste the final product but my mouth watered at the sight of melted cheese, diced veggies, and scrambled eggs.



Because all of the images would not upload properly here, you can follow this link to view them.




(Images: Ross Oscar Knight's Blog)

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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