What's on the Menu?

11:04 AM

Preparing a wedding menu can be difficult for several reasons.  Not only, are you serving a large number of guests, but they typically range in age which can affect personal tastes.  The secret to a successful meal- whether at home or at your wedding is finding a balance.  Your wedding meal should represent you and your fiance(e)'s tastes but also be considerate of your guests.  Here are a few tips to help with planning your wedding menu.

  1. Don't make seafood your main course.  A lot of people have an aversion to fish, so don't make it the main course unless there are others to choose from.  Also serving whole lobster or crab isn't recommended because these are typically messy foods.

  2. Avoid repeating ingredients.  If you're serving beef satay skewers as a passed appetizer, re-think serving the arugala salad topped with thinly sliced prime rib. 

  3. Beware of ethnic foods.  While they are a great option for a wedding, unless you know most everyone will like it then avoid it.  If you have other options available for guests, then serving ethnic foods should not be a problem. 

  4. Size does matter.  The size of your guest list is going to affect the menu.  Some dishes will be harder to execute than others due to larger guest counts.  For instance, a souffle is an impressive dessert, however it would be incredibly difficult feeding 200 guests a perfect souffle at the same time.

Remember-  not every guest has to like every dish, but they shouldn't leave your reception hungry either.

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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