I'll Drink to That Engagement Shoot

2:30 AM

This engagement session by Sarah Postma is beautiful and very sentimental.  It showcases a couple whose photographs were taken in the same restaurant where they had their first date, and where he proposed.  If you live in Chicago you should stop by Frasca Pizzeria + Wine Bar.  Below is Sarah's description of the shoot.

 "I had the joy of spending an afternoon with this amazing couple and you’re going to love this session.  After a wardrobe change, we headed over to Frasca.  This place has so much meaning for them, and it sure shows in their faces throughout these photos.  We caught Frasca at one of the rare moments when the restaurant is slow.  Just about a half hour later, the dinner rush began and there wasn’t an empty table in the place!"

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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