FAQs- Cash Bar?

5:22 AM

Should we have a cash bar? This question is frequently asked by engaged couples.

My response is always "this is your wedding and you can do whatever you would like, however asking guests to pay for their drinks after they've spent their time (probably half the day) at your wedding and spent their money on your gift is asking a lot of your guests."

Not only that, once everything is over, your guests are not going to remember how great the cake tasted, how beautiful the bride's dress was, or how touching the speeches were. They're going to remember how they had to pay for a glass of wine to wash down the cake, how the champagne they bought was the exact color of the bride's gown, and/or that they toasted to the best man's heartfelt speech with the rum and coke they bought at the bar. The bottom line is that your guests should be just that- your guests.

If the budget is a concern, thus the reason for considering a cash bar, there are several other ways to handle the situation. Consider serving only beer and wine or have a signature cocktail. If those options won't work, think about having an earlier reception such as a morning or brunch reception.

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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