Recipe for Love Engagement Shoot

5:02 AM

This awesome engagement shoot was taken earlier this year by Heidi Ryder of Heidi Ryder Photography.

Here's a brief summary of the shoot from Heidi.

" We started the session at the birth place of every good meal: the market. And then it was back to the kitchen where all of the magic happened before finally settling down at the table to enjoy the fruits of their labor. It was an amazing session with a delicious payoff in the end and I am so glad I got to spend the day with this very awesome couple. Thanks, Sharon and Nick for the fun and the grub! So very much looking forward to your wedding day."

supermarket engagement session

grocery store engagement session

supermarket aisle engagement photo

engaged couple shopping cart

handmade dinner menu

cooking themed engagement photos

engaged couple making meal

cute couple making a meal

setting table for dinner

engaged couple eating together

Images: Heidi Ryder Photography

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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