Ice, Ice Baby

5:01 PM

I absolutely love ice sculptures! Although I wasn't particularly fond of ice carving in culinary school, I love the outcome...beautiful works of art. I really like the idea of ice sculptures at weddings because they provide a wow factor. From experience, I can tell you that ice carving is a huge amount of work, thus the reason for the expensive prices. So if you can't stand the thought of paying for an ice sculpture strictly for decor, then consider it's other uses.

  1. Ice Luge- an ice sculpture into which a drink can be poured into a channel in the ice; the drink then moves through the channel to be caught in a glass

  2. Food Display- an ice sculpture that is built to hold food that must be kept cold; ex. seafood

  3. Ice Bar- an ice sculpture that is constructed as a bar. It holds everything that needs to be kept refrigerated or chilled

  4. Slushie Station- a block of dry ice that has a bowl cut out of the center a drink is then poured into the bowl and stirred with spoons until it becomes a slushie consistency

  5. Beverage Dispenser- an ice sculpture that has a resevoir at the top to hold a pre-mixed drink; it keeps the drink chilled until poured out of the spigot


(Images: 1- Picasa  2- The Breakers Wedding Blog  3- Bridal Buds)

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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