Girls Gone Mild!

7:45 AM

Would you love to have an amazing bachelorette party minus the exotic dancers? Well, you definitely can! Listed below is a wonderful option for a bachelorette party.   This way you'll be prepared when your friends ask what you would like to do for your bachelorette party.  If you're a bridesmaid or friend checking out the blog, then you'll have a suggestion for a party.

Up North cooking classes are extremely popular for bachelorette parties.  A lot of women don't want to go from bar to bar or to a club for their bachelorette party.  So instead, they gather their friends and with the assistance of a personal chef prepare a three course meal.  The women have a glass of wine or a cocktail and get to talk with friends, while showing off their culinary skills... or lack therof.  

(Image  1- Super Bridesmaid; 2- NY Times; 3- Passion for the Palate)

Would you ever consider having a cooking bachelorette party?

Happy Planning & God Bless!


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