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Most brides typically don't worry about napkins, but if you're having a formal reception napkin folds are a great way to integrate your style into the decor. With so many decorative folds to choose from, your caterer is sure to provide you with something that will satisfy your tastes. Also included in this post are a few reminders concerning napkins.


  1. Linen napkins are just like any other linen item, they must be ironed. Wrinkles can and will show if your napkins are not pressed. Not only that, the napkins are easier to fold when they are ironed.

  2. Although it is very common, avoid putting napkins in the glassware. Not only does it bring up sanitary issues (the waitstaff touching the napkins, then putting them in the glass from which you will be drinking), but sometimes small lint residue is left in the glass.

  3. If you want to add some pizzazz in the form of a different fabric, keep in mind that it will increase the price of your catering bill. Depending on the rental company your caterer is using, different fabrics and sometimes even different colors cost more than the typical white/cream linen napkin.

  4. All caterers know this fact but if you're using someone who is not a professional such as a family friend or relative to provide your food, remind them to rent extra napkins. The number of additional napkins will depend on the type of dinner service, number of courses, and total number of guests.

The Most Common Napkin Folds

Bird of Paradise, Candle, Crown

Peak, Rosebud, Fan

(Images: 1, 3, 4- Martha Stewart; 2- Project Wedding; 5- Bridal Guide; Most Common Folds- General Uniform & Linen Service)

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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