Cake Table Decor

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Often forgotten in the sea of never-ending tasks is the task of decorating the cake table. If you don't have an event planner to do this job for you, you can ask your baker to set up the cake table. Some may do it, while others will not, but if you desire a jaw dropping, gorgeous cake table, you may want to consider hiring a coordinator. They will be able to handle that along with other duties. This post was not intended to discuss the advantages of hiring a planner, rather it was to display beautiful cake tables that provide you with amazing inspiration. Cake tables can be decorated with elaborate linens, flower petals, pictures, and/or candles. Below are some great images as well as a few tips on displaying your beautiful cake.

Wedding Cake with Roses

Images: 1 & 2- Lemiga; 3- Dex Knows; 4- Project Wedding

Cake Table Tips

  • Ensure that the table is sturdy and secure.

  • Make sure the cake table is in a highly visible area that is distant from traffic.

  • Elevate the cake on a tall cake stand to give the visual of height on the table.

  • Do not leave lit candles near a cake with buttercream icing for extended periods of time.

  • Cover the table with a complementary tablecloth and make sure the fabric reaches the floor. If it is too long, be sure to tuck it underneath the table so that no one will trip and fall.

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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