What's Cooking Engagement Shoot

2:55 PM

I love when couples allow their personalities and interests to shine through in their weddings and engagement shoots.  I also love good food.  That's why I especially love this engagement shoot by Adrienne Gunde Photography.  It combines a cute energetic couple and amazing food.  Below is a tidbit about the couple from the photographer.

"From the first time they met, Lauren & Josh bonded over their love of good food and wine, and cooking together immediately became a pastime that they shared. When they suggested a “cooking” theme for their session, I was SO on board - by choosing something that was special to their relationship, the session was innately and wonderfully unique. Lauren & Josh put such thought into all the details, crafting up a colorful menu, busting out their cute aprons, and cracking open one of their favorite wines. The result - a wonderful themed engagement session that just shone with their personalities!'

(Images: Adrienne Gunde Photography)

This is my FAVORITE engagement shoot ever!  Adrienne's images are wonderful!

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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