May I Have S'more Please?

5:14 PM

Would you like to give an edible wedding favor to guests, but don't want to do a traditional candy bar or dessert table? Consider giving guests a childhood favorite like s'mores. It's a sweet idea that can be more cost effective than a full candy or dessert table. Below are some options to help give you inspiration.

Package It- Use the packaged s'mores as a DIY project for you and your bridesmaids

Serve It- Serve the s'mores to your guests

Change It- Serve s'mores in nontraditional ways by serving cupcakes, using gourmet marshmallows, or changing the type of chocolate or cookie used

(Images: 1- Once Wed; 2- Thig & Thistle; 3- Jewish Wedding Network; 4- Asaf Photography; 5- Plush Puffs; 6- Martha Stewart)

I hope you've received s'more information to help with your wedding favors :-)

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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