It's Worth a Shot

11:09 AM

Soup is a wonderful option to serve at weddings. Because it can be so filling, if couples are planning on serving other courses, the soup course should be considerably smaller. That's why serving soup shooters is a great idea. Whether you're presenting them as an appetizer or as a course in your meal, serving the soup shooters is a versatile option. The soup doesn't have to be served in a shot glass. It can be served in small espresso cups or small soup bowls. The container it's served in is insignificant, the serving size is what's important. Take a look at the photographs below to get inspiration.

Shot 1- Creamy Celery Soup; 2- Pumpkin Soup; 3- Butternut Squash; 4- Tomato Soup; 5- Chilled Corn Soup

Butternut Squash Soup by Rancho La Puerta Health Spa

Images: 1- Savoring Time in the Kitchen; 2- Thrifty Foods; 3- Unknown 4- Simply Gluten Free; 5- Labouche Catering

Go ahead and serve soup shooters at your wedding. It's worth a shot!

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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