Hole-y Doughnuts!

9:05 AM

I love doughnuts! If you do too, then why not serve up the delicious treats as a plated dessert at your wedding reception or special event? Your guests are sure to love the doughnuts paired with fruit sorbet, or carmelized fruit such as bananas or peaches, or even a lemon curd. The possibilities are endless.

If you want to create a plated dessert like below at home, you can. It's actually really simple to turn an ordinary treat like a doughnut into a beautifully presented dessert. Check out our tips below.

Plated Desserts- Doughnuts

1. When creating a plated dessert, you're the artist. As such, you'll need a blank canvas. I like to start with a clean crisp white plate. Depending upon what ingredients you're using, you may need to use some sort of glass or bowl and that's no problem. If you're layering ingredients use a clear glass or bowl.
2. If you're making your own doughnuts or buying Krispy Kreme's hot and ready doughnuts, make sure to add cold elements to the plate at the very last minute. Hot doughnuts will melt whatever cold item you add to the plate fairly quickly.
3. Create or buy a drizzle, glaze, or dip. Smuckers Plate Scrapers are great for adding a drizzle to plates. It can even be used as a dip, which would pair wonderfully with doughnut holes.
4. Add complimentary flavors. For instance, I love lemon filled doughnuts, so adding a refreshing raspberry sorbet, or blueberry drizzle would pair nicely with it.
5. Make some coffee. Most people love doughnuts and coffee so offer a great cup of coffee or espresso with dessert. If you have a set of cups and saucers to match your dessert dishes then it will look really nice.
6. Don't forget the powdered sugar for doughnut holes and cake doughnuts. Please note- a little goes a long way.

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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