Drink Up!

3:23 PM

Beverage dispensers are very popular and constantly changing. They've been seen all over the blogosphere in pictures from birthday parties and weddings. Below are some beautiful examples as well as recommendations when using beverage dispensers at your next event.

  1. Small Events Only- Yes, these beverage dispensers are beautiful, but they can only hold a certain amount of liquid. Therefore if you don't have a caterer to continue replenishing the dispenser, you should find another way to serve drinks.

  2. No Kids- Having children around beverage dispensers is not wise. There's always the chance that there will be spills and breakages. Cleaning up a spilled liquid is one thing- cleaning up glass is quite another.

  3. Small Cups- Use smaller sized glasses so that there doesn't have to be a constant refill of the dispenser

  4. Let it Float- Float slices or pieces of fruit that were used in the drink or that complement the drink. Examples include: water- cucumbers, limes, lemons, oranges; sweet tea- lemons, oranges; lemonade- strawberries, lemons, peaches

  5. Ice Cold- Refrigerate the beverage dispenser as well as your beverage. Ice cubes don't look good floating in beverage dispensers unless they're specialty ice cubes and even then they don't look that great. By refrigerating both, you don't have to worry about putting a lukewarm beverage into a cold container or a cold beverage into a lukewarm container. Refrigerating both keeps the beverage colder longer.

  6. Set Up- When setting up for your event, place the dispenser where you want it to be and then pour the liquid inside. Don't risk hurting yourself by carrying a heavy beverage dispenser.

(Images: 1- Classic Hostess; 2 Aislinne Events- 3- Elegant Tabletop 4- Wedding Bee)

Happy Planning & God Bless!

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